Going “Sideways” at Seven Springs

It’s one of my favorite films of all-time … and I’m not sure why.

The 2004 film is called “Sideways”, starring Paul Giamatti and Virginia Madsen. It’s a comedy, a drama and a character study all rolled into one. The story appears to be about two college buddies who go a way for a weekend in California’s wine country before one gets married. In truth, its the tale of  a man reaching midlife and not being able to deal with the reality of a life unfulfilled.


Scene from the film “Sideways”: Oferring lessons about wine & life

What makes this mid-life crisis tale so different than others is the use of wine as a metaphor for life. Wine is more than a prop in the film, its a living symbol of the highs and lows of life. I remember the one line from Virginia Madsen in the film that spoke to me. She said of wine, “it breathes and lives because when you open it, it tastes unique on that day”. In essence, a bottle of wine will never taste the same every day … because it constantly evolves.

Before you think I’ve become a wine snob, let me explain.

There was something about the film that spoke to me … about life and wine. Shortly after, I started to try different wines as well as sample some in my house. I started sniffing and smelling it before I drank it. I paid attention to color and hue. Most importantly, I realized White Zinfandel in a box IS NOT wine. White Zinfandel, for that matter, is not wine. It wasn’t because I thought win would hold the answer to all of life’s questions, rather because maybe by understanding this unusual beverage I would be better able to understand life itself.

I also got into wine festivals and this weekend, I’m headed up to 7 Springs for one of the area’s best wine festivals. Their 17th annual Wine & Food Festival is both a chance to experience more than a dozen wine from Pennsylvania and learn about the world of wine. Plus, you will be able to see how wine adds to the food and flavor of wine. I’ll be there and hope to see you there as well.


Wine lovers sampling selections at last year’s 7 Springs Wine & Food Fest

It’s been some time since I went to a wine festival and I’m looking forward to rekindling my love of wine. I was infatuated with it shortly after the film, but then the next Bond movie came out and I lost my “jones” for wine. Maybe this weekend will get wine back on my menu.

I know its got me watching the movie “Sideways” once again. I’m still searching for life’s answers.

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