Cleaning Out the Thought Closet … Again

Every now and then, I like to take a few moments before leaving for the weekend to clean out the thought closet. Just dispense with some random observations from the week that was. This week, there are really only two things have me thinking.

Health Care Turns Hostile

 Three things are now guaranteed in life: death, taxes and people screaming at one of  these healthcare “town hall” meetings. If you turn on any news program, you see videos of people screaming at these democratic legislators hosting these forums to discuss the Obama health care reform plan. This week, the circus came to Kittaning, Armstrong county and yes, it has become a circus.

 There are pundits who claim this vocal discussion harkens back to the roots of our country in which people exercised the rights to discourse they were denied in England that’s why they came to this country. People, if our founding fathers argued like this we wouldn’t have been able to figure out what colors would go on the flag much less how we should form a “more perfect union”.

APTOPIX Health Care Specter

The heat is on at a local health care town hall hosted by Sen. Arlen Spector

Whether its orchestrated or a real outburst of individual anger, it makes those engaged in it on both sides look silly. I mean nothing is being decided in these meetings and people act as if the fate of the free world is being decided in this question-and-answer session.

Now I have not read the Obama plan nor do I have a feeling about it. Then again, I wonder if the people involved in these protests have read it either. I did talk to one legislator, Republican Tim Murphy, who made a great point. Whatever reform is selected, its going to affect this country for the next half century. So why rush through it? Let’s take our time and discuss it, learn about it and then have an intelligent discussion about it.

What this has become is a devise and destructive exercise that guarantees we will likely get some kind of reform that won’t please anyone.

The Return of Michael Vick

If you ever wondered about our passion for a nation as pets, look no further than the case of Michael Vick. The quarterback who had it all, lost it when he was indicted and sent to prison on dogfighting charges. The case struck a chord not only with animal activists, but everyday people who have pets … like myself.

Now, Vick is out of prison and getting a “second chance” in the form of a $1.6M contract from the Philadelphia Eagles. The news had my Facebook mail hit with several people letters from people asking why. Why should he get a second chance?

Heres’ why: our society is built on second chances and forgiveness. The basic tenant that guides our legal system in fair punishment for crimes, but an opportunity for some sort of chance to make amends except in death penalty cases. Vick DID his time according to a court and his free to earn a living in his chosen vocation. Want to get mad at someone? Get mad at a legal system which treats the taking of  animal life less serious than the taking of human life.


A second chance for Michael Vick:  Does he deserve it?

Here’s the other truth: you can do anything short of murder and still play pro sports as long as you can produce. That’s not cynical, that’s reality. I guarantee you Vick is the only guy in the system of dogfighting charges who just got out of prison and got $1.6M. It’s because he’s a 29-year-old football player. If he’s a 29-year-old doing anything else, he’s an ex-felon struggling to be hired.

OK, the thought drawer is cleaned out. Have a great weekend all.

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