Swimming Into Social Media

By now, those of you who read my blog know that I like to Facebook … a lot.

I find Facebook an easy way to communicate with large numbers of people, some viewers and others friends. It’s fun, its easy and its often a chance to share a little more of myself than I can during 90 minutes of news. Also, its a way for viewers to connect to us and perhaps form a bond that will lead to them forming a connection with our newscast.

However, Facebook isn’t the only way to reach the world via “social media”. There’s MySpace which I don’t do, probably because MySpace just isn’t as hip as it used to be … and also its much easier to use Facebook on my Blackberry.

Then, there is Twitter. It has become the break hit in the social media world because of its easy and constant ability to update your thoughts, situation and feelings. It even has its own language. When you use twitter you are sending “tweets”. These tweets have become popular not just with kids, teens and those living outside the mainstream media but now those inside the mainstream.

twitterBroadcasters, marketers and corporate America has hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, yet somehow the technology has not jumped the shark. It’s only become more popular … and I’m afraid I’m still trying to catch up. Tonight, I gained a greater appreciation of the Twitter world.

I attended #journchatpgh. It was a gathering of bloggers, students and media members here in Pittsburgh and we held  an internet conversation with #journchat groups in Chicago, Minneapolis and other cities. One group would start the discussion and others would pick up on it. We discussed everything from the impact of Twitter on protest groups at the G20 to whether Twitter should be banned from college sporting events because it would serve as de-facto broadcasting outlet.

The bottom line is that I learned Twitter is the up-and-coming social medium and while I will continue to use Facebook extensively, I will be doing more and more Twittering ( with any luck ) and hopefully doing both try and reach even more people. It’s an exciting new world. Just wish I could put my Blackberry down for a few minutes.

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