View from Across the River

As you have probably discovered bynow, my location for the G-20 Summit is on the banks of the Allegheny. I’m on the north shore Riverwalk, just across from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. While it’s not inside the facility, there are plenty of things that I have witnessed that Pittsburgh has never seen.

 dlcc 002

To begin with, the number of vessels on the waters. The U.S. Coast Guard is only the beginning. I understand 23 different security ships will be heading up and down the Allegheny on patrol during the G20. To be sure, they are all packing heat.

 dlcc 003

The next thing I witnessed but fail to get a picture of is the number of helicopter circling the Convention Center. Some with one propeller and some with a couple on top. The flew in formation all afternoon, keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.

Of course, all this was going on all afternoon before a single dignitary showed up. However, we think we caught the motorcade of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia coming late in the afternoon.

That got me to thinking: OK, this going to sound stupid but if there are multiple world leaders staying at a single hotel, which one gets the Presidential suite?

Just wondering.

By the way, I will also be twittering while at the G20 Summit, offering details on everything from traffic to people watching. You can follow my tweets at:




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