Hanging out at the Head of the Ohio

What a great day weather-wise on Saturday. It was sunny, warm and the wind was blowing just enough to keep things interesting. With this backdrop along the Allegheny River, a watery tradition continued with the annual Head of the Ohio ( HOTO ) regatta.

You can read more about Saturday’s event on thepittsburghchannel.com


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Now you may have heard about this event, but I’m guessing most of you have not. Well, let me put it to you this way: in a town which is once again the City of Champions, the champs of the sport of crew come here to compete amid one of the prettiest venues for rowing. It’s not just local colleges, but also high school and its not just locals, but teams from across this country and Canada.


The boats take to the water early in the day. The enter the river at Heinz Field and row 2.8 miles to the start line … and then go!

Started back in the mid 80’s by Three Rivers rowing, it was geared to bring teams to together race along the Allegheny. It has become much more. It has become a chance for those passionate about participating in the contest known as crew to celebrate their sport at one of the great races in this country. I know a little about crew. I rowed along the rivers of Connecticut as a young person before finally giving way to a high school football career. It was the ultimate in teamwork and concentration and it didn’t mater how string you were, but rather if you could work with your fellow rowers.


There is no prettier venue to challenge other crew teams than along the Allegheny River

I know the time as come and gone, but maybe if you get the chance you might want to head down to Washington’s Landing and watch the rowing teams practice. And hey, don’t think this is just for kids. There are plenty of adult teams as well. In fact, I’m thinking about putting an oar in the water myself.

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