A Lesson in Respect

Call it Channel Four Action News teamwork.

Meteorologist Stephen Cropper asked me to accompany him to Avonworth Elementary School Tuesday morning to address over 100 third grade students. The subject? Respect.

Sounds like an easy thing to discuss, but respect covers so many areas. It’s when you let others express their views, even ones you do not agree with ( remember the President’s speech and the legislator who yelled out “You lie”? ). It’s paying deference to those who are older than you and respecting what they have experienced through their lives. It’s often putting others before you. In essence, it’s the golden rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Stephen and myself with Mrs. Cwynar’s third graders at Avonworth Elementary School on a day where we discussed the concept of “respect”.

Stephen read a story to the children about respect. It was called Crow Boy. Then, both Stephen and myself exchanged ideas about respect with the students. I was impressed with not only how well the students comprehended the idea of respect, but also how respectful they were as an audience. They showed respect by respectfully listening to what Stephen and I had to say – as well as their fellow classmates.

I think I learned something as well. While I always try to treat others with respect, from time to time I am not always respectful of the closest people in my life. Sometimes I don’t always respect the wishes or the space of family, friends and co-workers, figuring I have their unconditional love. While I may always have their love, that doesn’t mean I should take it for granted.


Stephen Cropper reading Crow Boy to a respectful group of third graders listening at Avonworth Elementary Schoool

My promise to the kids I spoke with today: try to practice what I preach.

Thanks to the students, staff and administrators of Avonworth for welcoming Stephen and myself and the cake was ….

Wait! We didn’t have cake. That’s Wednesday when Stephen makes his weekly school visit.

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