Getting the Message to Kids

This next statement may upset every parent who reads it.

The greatest influence on your children? Other children.

While parents will spend quite a bit of  time with their kids during their very early years, it’s often those grade school years and into high school where your children’s thought and ideas are shaped by their friends.

Now sometimes, that can be a bad or even dangerous thing. However, in one school district, it might be the relationship that keeps kids healthy and safe from a virus which is targeting young children across the country. It’s called the H1N1 flu … and its killed 76 children in the U.S. since it first got onto the scene. Over the last week plus, it has claimed the lives of 19 children.

While we wait to see if the vaccine is completely safe, there are things our children can do stay safe and ward off the H1N1 flu. The simplest thing is to wash your hands thoroughly. A group of students have decided to get that message across to their fellow classmates – in a humorous and entertaining way.

The 8th graders in Mr. Lincoln’s class at Avonworth Middle School decided to turn their video project into a major production called “H1N1 Mission Possible”. It was just a class project, but the students chose a subject of particular importance to them and their peers. I won’t give away the story, but considering the students did all their own research, it’s not only entertaining but also accurate.

Tuesday, the students put the 7 minute video on line – everywhere. From Facebook to YouTube, the video was uploaded to several social networking sites. This is where children talk and exchange ideas. This is where they interact and this is where such good advice can really reach young people. As one administrator told me, we can tell kids to wash their hands but it has so much more impact coming from their peers.

It’s a well-produced video and certainly worth the time for your kids to watch. Here’s the link.

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