Unsettling Images

I am not a parent … and may never be. So while I was mortified by the images of children in danger this week, I can never know what someone who is a mother or father is truly going through.

I do know the images on TV of that balloon flying across the Colorado sky was both haunting and chilling when combined with the knowledge there maybe a 6-year-boy on board. I saw the reactions of the people in the newsroom and I’m sure millions nationwide had that same look: a look of fear, panic, bewilderment and wonder.


The ballon racing  across the sky. The boy was not inside.

Another scene where a child seemed to be in danger was also captured on tape this Friday. It was in another country, but it must have been the ultimate nightmare for mothers world-wide. Standing on a trail platform, a baby stroller rolled off and feel right onto the tracks … and the train came right over it.

Amazingly, the baby suffered only a mild cut to the forehead after he and his stroller was dragged 30 feet. Even with the knowledge of how the incident ended, it was one of the most difficult things I have ever watched … and found it difficult to do so while I was on the air tonight.


Surveillance video of baby stroller rolling onto train tracks. The baby is OK

Whether it be real or implied, there is something about our children being in danger that brings out the worst in our fears and thoughts and the best in our attentions. I think its pretty obvious why we care about our children. They are our future … and our legacy. They are innocent and needy. They are helpless and dependent solely on us.

There is no greater crime – in my mind – than when a young child is hurt, abused or God forbid killed. When its a crime, it’s the ultimate show of cowardice. When it’s an accident, its an tragedy of unspeakable proportions.

While the incident in Colorado may end up being part of an elaborate hoax, the fear of the child’s safety was very real … for all of us. Falcon Heene may not be our child by birth, but he is ours because we all have a responsibility to keep our children safe. In the end, no matter what the final outcome of this case, we are all breathing a sigh of relief.

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