Of Boys Clubs, Birthdays and Beating Traffic

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed some nightlife, some shows and good food …. as well as a very special birthday.

From time to time, I have mentioned a very special friend. Her name is Chrissy Lahew, a cancer survivor, who I first met when she was 6 years old. She has become a living symbol of what events like Relay for Life are all about. We met a decade ago at the relay in Greene County. It was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted a decade.

This Saturday was her 16th birthday party … and I was more than happy to attend. It’s amazing to see how she has changed and grown the past decade. She is not considering a forensics and looking at colleges. She’s riding motorbikes and dating. Most of all,s he is living a life that might not have been possible. Happy Sweet 16th, Chrissy. I love you.


My first “Sweet 16” birthday party: Happy Birthday, Chrissy!

What a game for the Steelers Sunday. They beat back Brett Favre and Minnesota Vikings with an incredible fourth quarter where they scored two fourth quarter touchdowns. Too bad some people didn’t stick around for it.

Its become as predictable as Steeler tailgate party with a keg and a grill. There are a group of  Steeler fans who “bail” ( and that’s the right word ) before the game is over. I’m not talking about leaving late in the fourth quarter. I’m talking MIDWAY THROUGH THE THIRD QUARTER. I used to play this game with some colleagues in the press box. We would keep an eye on the South end zone gates and predict what time the first fan would leave in the third quarter.

Look, I’m not here to pick on people but given how expensive tickets can be, how much you spend on the whole experience and that fact the game is far from decided, why would you take off  in the third quarter – especially yesterday? It wasn’t just a couple dozen. It was well over one hundred people. I’m guessing beating traffic is bigger than seeing the end of a  great game. Just venting here.

Finally, I was reading the New York Times. The latest controversy involving the Obama administration has to do with — testosterone. Seems there is an uproar because of the perception ( real or imagined ) of an all boys’ club in the White House. Even the ladies of The View were upset. That would have been fine, if the target of their outrage was not a pick-up basketball game. It was a picture of all guys and the President playing hoops.

Know if the administration is top-heavy with men, then that is a legitimate complaint. However, you can’t tell me the White House has an all-boys network because all men are playing basketball with the President. When was the last time anybody invited a member off the opposite sex to shoot hoops? I don’t see a group of women asking men to join in their basketball game or vice-versa.

I know deals are made amid friendly competition in all walks of  life, golf being the greatest example. However, let’s not turn the President’s pick-up basketball games into a place to wield power and thus there should be equal access. It’s basketball. There are plenty ways to deal with claims or sexism, but I don’t think anyone has a case in the middle of a fastbreak.

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