Lost In Translation

I text … because I have to.

Now I know that I’ve said many times that I’m a “tech” lover and that I love trying new gadgets and gizmos. On my nightstand are my blackberry and my netbook that way if I have to contact one of my 1500 Facebook “friends”, I can do it in seconds.

All that being said, the tech revolution does have its downside. While we can communicate with anyone at anytime, our point doesn’t always come across. I mean how many times have you gotten a text from a friend, spouse or significant other and tried to decipher what they man. Think I’m joking. Just recently, I sent someone  a text telling them it was their “decision”. Their response? I was ambivalent in my feelings on the matter.

Where do you get “ambivalence” from a yes or no question?

That’s what’s wrong with texting. It’s not what you write, but how people interpret what you are saying. I think its kind of hard to interpret anything when you are limited to one-hundred plus characters ( Twitter ) and we use this funky shorthand. I mean is everything really LOL?

While texting is convenient, it’s also turned us into a nation ( yours truly included ) of people who would rather text than talk. Think I’m kidding. How often do you end up texting your friends and engaging in a type fest when you could pick up the phone, dial the ten digits and discuss. In my opinion, the art of conversation – how about the art of just talking to people – becomes lost in the world of texting.

All I ask is that people stop interpreting the texts of others like you are analyzing the  Zapruder film ( you history buffs know and those of a certain age know what I am talking about). If you are unclear about the text coming into you, just call.

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