Looking for the Easy Way Out

Tonight at 11pm we have a story about the latest weight loss fad: a cream that can cause you to lose weight by tricking your body into thinking its pregnant, meaning the body will start to consume its internal fat … causing you to eat less.

And yes, it supposedly works for both men and women though I’m not sure as a man I want to know what it feels like to be pregnant. Anyway, one woman says she lost 30 pounds in six weeks. While her results ar real, there are concerns in the medical community about people essentially starving themselves.


The real problem here is the world of weight loss. I think everyday, in infomercials and on the news, we see stories about weight loss plans that promise the pounds will fall right off … and all you have to do is take a pill, rub on some cream or eat a certain diet and you too can achieve the dream of physical fitness that has escaped you all your life … without exercise.

That would be nice, in theory, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Weight loss is hard work and, depending on your metabolism, darn near impossible for some people. While I’m no doctor, I have one and he has always told me the secret to staying in shape and shedding pounds is really no secret. You exercise, get your rest and eat smart. That’s it.

However, in a world where want instant gratification, and we want it now, there is an insatiable appetite for quick results without the work. That is why you see magazines and TV shows boasting of people losing amazing amounts of  weight in a short period of time with little or no work.

It’s been my experience that there is no free lunch or easy way to do what needs to be done. Hard work is required for everything and that include shedding pounds I have dropped a few in the last year and I can tell you it’s because I ran a lot of miles and laid off a lot of bad food.  Would I have preferred it be easy? Yes, but nothing worth having is ever easy. Weight loss included.



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