Hoping for a Miracle

Did you see Wendy Bell’s story about the Grady family … and the heartbreaking disease that will take the lives of their two small children? Batten’s disease has a 0% survival rate and it systematically destroys the body of  a young child to the point that they will die likely before middle school age. The parents have the impossible task of trying to give these children a normal life as their days dwindle to a precious few.

The Gradys say they believe in miracles … hopefully two miracles that will spare their sons … but they also know scientific reality. They know this disease is insidious and literally breaks down their childrens’ wills along with their little bodies. It’s an impossible situation and one no parent should ever have to experience. That’s why the story of this family is one courage amid impossible odds … and a faith that perhaps this story need not end unhappily.  


5 year old Drew Grady battling Batten’s disease. Soon, his younger brother Trent will also fall victim to this disease for which there is no cure.

We have gotten all sorts of letters and e-mails from viewers who want to help. That is the positive side of this horrifying tale. The people of western Pennsylvania offering to help. I have many times spoken to groups around the region and, at every stop, I repeat the same message. While we are not the richest area nor the most populated, no area of the country has a larger heart and gives to those in need like your neighbors here. It’s a trait built into the people here: to help their neighbors with no questions asked.

I hope you will go to our website and look at Wendy’s story … and click the link if you want to donate to the Gradys as they try to make the best out of an impossible situation. If  there is a lesson for all of us in the Grady’s story it is this: our problems may overwhelm us, depress us and even cause us to moan and complain. However, in the end, we have our health, our family and a future.  We are blessed and no that if we do experience a nightmare, we can always wake up.

The Gradys cannot.




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