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That’s right. 600 posts to this blog. Not bad for someone who wondered the first day he was asked to do this what he was going to say. After 600, I still wonder what I’m going to write about … but since you keep reading, and the world keeps producing stuff to write about it, I will keep writing.

What is the best way to show how crazy Steeler Nation is about its team? Is it merchandise sales. maybe just female merchandise sales? Maybe its ticket sales or TV ratings. Perhaps its the number of Steeler fans who don’t live in Pittsburgh who show up at visiting stadiums to cheer on the black and gold.

Forgot about it.

For me, there is no greater testament to this team’s hold – check that, vulcan-like grip – on the city and its fans then what I see every day sitting the anchor desk at 5pm. Watch the video from various stories that have nothing to do with football … and see what everyone is wearing. Steeler gear.


Donnie Henderson, Fallowfield Twp supervisor, not hiding his black & gold allegiance. Even during a serious interview

Whether it’s the police or the suspects they have arrested, each seems to bleed black and gold and wear not only on their sleeve, but their entire body. You will see eyewitnesses to crimes and accidents sporting a Steeler t-shirt. You will see suspects handcuffed and being ushered into the squad car with a Steeler ballcap on. Men, women and children, it doesn’t matter, they all support the black and gold.

Now while I’m sure the organization is pleased to see their fan base wearing the colors ( cha-ching ), they can’t be pleased when a suspect in a crime is going to the pokey in Pittsburgh colors. Then again, that’s what Steeler nation is: Steeler fans coming in all shapes, sizes and in this case, all sides of the law.

Somehow, I just don’t see our counterparts in Boston seeing a parade of Patriot team colors on the nightly news.

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