“Texter” Nation

I’m old. There is no two ways around it. I have finally come to the conclusion that I have hit a certain period of life where what’s new has passed me by. Yes, I still play video games and have a severe addiction to my “crackberry”.

However, clearly, the world has passed me by when it comes to cell phones. The other day I tried to get a hold of a few people via the phone. Not only did no one pick up, some of those people actually sent me a text asking “what’s up?”.

Are you serious?

It got me to wondering if anyone uses their phone for – well you know – making phone calls or are we just a nation of people who refuse to pick up the phone and would rather take our mini-typewriters and text our friends. I went to the source of all things trendy and hip: Facebook Nation.

All I asked was “does anyone answer their cell phone anymore or have we just become “texter nation”? The answer? Forget Steeler Nation, the largest population on the planet are those who would rather text then talk … and their ranks are growing!

The question drew 40 comments and even more discussion among my regular group of friends. Some people looked at me as if  I had two heads, wondering why I would ever choose a phone over texting. There were others who agree with me that something gets lost in the texting translation, that is impersonal and never really accurate.

I know it’s always easier to text a response than to pick up the phone and talk with someone. I understand that conversations often take work and were not always in the mood to talk with another person. However, we are already a nation of people who seem to be challenged by the art of conversation. There are young people who actually believe “IMHO” and “LOL” are real words.

Worst of all, there are people who find themselves in what they call “textual” relationships. Prior to today, I had never heard the term but these are actual relationships fueled by text messages between the two parties. As one Facebook friend tells me, it is not a real relationship. It’s devoid of emotion and intimacy that usually makes up any relationship between any two persons.

I’m not opposed to texting. I do it and its very convenient, but let;

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