Why I’m “Giving Thanks”

Thanksgiving is that one time during the year that no matter what we believe, what we share, what sets us apart or what brings us together we can equally take part in the tradition. Sure it about turkey and family, stuffing and watching a really bad Detroit team take the field each year. However, it’s also about taking a pause from our busy lives and remembering what is truly important.

I know you have your list, but I thought I would share mine. It’s not long but I think captures what “giving thanks” means:

I am glad I get to go home and see Mom and Dad, and know they are still with me and healthy and happy. I am grateful for my “younger” brother whose 6-foot-5. He’s completely different from me, but we would do anything for one another. In fact, I’m thankful to all the folks that comprise my family whetherr they are the two-legged humna kind or the four-legged canine variety. I am also thankful that I have more than a job. I have a career. It’s a career that allowed me to experience so many things both good and bad.

It pleases me to know I have many good friends, the kind of people who would do whatever they could if you were in a time of need. They are friends that span the spectrum of your life: some from high school, others from college and many from the world I live in today. I know my life would not be the same without them.

On that same note, I’m thankful I work with such wonderful people at WTAE. This has been more than a workplace for almost 15 years. It has become home for me and my co-workers often become my de-facto family since my parents are back in Chicago.

I am also giving thanks to all the charitable organizations which have asked me to become involved as either a volunteer or spokesperson. It means much that they believe in me and maybe that’s why I believe in what they are doing to make this world a better place.

I am thankful that I live in western Pennsylvania. I discovered this wonderful place by accident and found it to be everything a community should be. It’s citizens care about preserving its past, maintaining a quality of life in the present and look towards building a prosperous future.

Finally, I am thankful I will be able to join my parents at the Thanksgiving dinner table for the first time in 15 years. Such is life when you work in broadcast news. It’s a rare blessing and I intend to enjoy the moment because you just never know if it will happen again.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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