Shopping for Her 101

Guys, we don’t ask for directions. We all know that, but when it comes to shopping for our spouses and signficant others we could use a road map. Bethany Ramsey, a local personal shopper, does this for a living for a lot of men without the time to shop. On a recent trip through the Mall at Robinson, she gave me do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying for that special someone.

Personal shopper Bethany Ramsey on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans.

Guys, here’s Bethany’s  guide to shopping for your special woman 101:


Be thoughtful and intentional: Women will be appreciative almost always if there is thought. Most women love to shop, but also want to know their man put forth effort so if you can’t pick so if you can’t pick something out … and have to buy a gift card … make it creative, wrap it fun, with a sentimental card. Service gift certificates are always appreciated ( manicures, pedicures, massages, spa days ).

SHOP LATER HOURS: Most malls are open until 10pm through the week and you can get better service if you aren’t fighting the crowds.

GO SHOPPING WITH HER: Find out her favorite stories, brands and not just anything her closet ( Women tend to hold onto things that don’t fit ).

ASK HER WHAT SHE WANTS AND LISTEN:  Keep with the classics. Buy a sweater and attach a gift card so she can go shopping and buy exactly what she wants too. Splurge on the gift card so she can get $100 pair of jeans instead of the $20 discount jeans usually settles for.

SHOP AT STORES WITH GOOD RETURN POLICIES: and gift receipts. Make sure she knows you tried, but it is OK if she wants something else. Women can be picky, yes, but you are significant to her for a reason.

CHECK ON-LINE: Look for printable coupons to her favorite stores. “Google” In-store coupons for ( store name her ). Remember, on-line shopper can find even better “online” only coupons.

WISH LISTS: Some stores have wish lists available. In this, you can have the woman in your life write a list on the store website of items she would like to have. From there, you can choose which item. Such wish lists include sizes and styles she would like.


STAY WAY FROM JEANS; Unless you have a specialty retailer like BUCKLE that has wish lists, customer purchase histories and a good team of customer service help and don not buy electronics or appliances UNLESS they specifically ask for it.

CONSIDER HIRING: If you choose a personal, you can consult them and they should help you figure out what to buy and give you ideas. Still, the gift needs to be yours. If you are busy, a personal shopper can help you find multiple products and allow you to pick your favorite.


KAY: Purchase histories. Excellent open-ended questions to help you pick out something. Of course, you can never go wrong with diamonds.

BUCKLE: Layaways, wish lists, free gift wrapping, personalized customer service. Shop online and return in store.

TARGET: Online and in-store wish lists, gift receipts and easy return policies. Shop online and return in store.

 You can contact Bethany Ramsey. Her e-mail address is   for more shopping advice and her services.

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