The Fascination with Woods

I will preface this blog by saying that on my Facebook page, I did say that I was “tired of the Tiger talk”. However, this is the story that just keeps giving and until it stops giving, it will be front page news around town … and around the world.

This might be the most bizarre story I have ever seen in my years or reporting news and sports. The world’s best known athlete winds up in a single car crash. It opens the floodgates to apologies for “transgressions”, a number of women claiming to have affairs with Woods and now, his mother-in-law coming collapsing and going to the hospital in Florida. One can only imagine the conversation before they called the ambulance.

If you still wonder why the alleged sexual affairs of a pop icon are important, it’s because Tiger Woods was unlike any athlete in our time. Immensely talented, immensely private and incredibly popular. He broke barriers, made history, gave back to this community and his country and showed us just how thrilling a game golf can be. However, he saved his greatest lesson for now: that he is human … and fallible.

Why the fascination with Tiger Woods’ story? Perhaps because it has all the elements of a TV drama. 

Maybe the reason this story has gripped this country is because it changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. I swear the number of women claiming to have been involved with Tiger doubled in a matter of days.

The story has it all: fame, sex and betrayal. It’s just what we ask for in our television shows and movies and it’s what we are now seeing each night on the news. While I’m not a fan of tabloid TV, I can certainly see why shows like “The Insider” are running with this like the bulls in Pamplona. You have attractive people, alleged infidelity and secrets. You have texts and audio recordings with allude to an even more bizarre story.

And when will it end? Perhaps when Tiger speaks but can we really expect him to ever address this in public? If his current silence is any indication, Woods might not be speaking about but golf for the rest of his life.

Finally, for those of us who say we are tired of Tiger? We are , but its like that car wreck on the side of the parkway: we cannot help but crane our necks around to see what’s happening. There are more important stories out there and thing a that affect more Americans than the supposed dalliances of a pro golfer. But the truth is, in the end, there really is no story with as many twists and turns than that of Tiger. It’s become America’s newest soap opera … and even Hollywood couldn’t write a script this crazy.

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