Three Close Friends, One Great Idea

Put this one under the heading of “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  You probably have, but you didn’t put the idea into action. Three lifelong friends from Green Tree did.

20-somethings Mike Conley, Tony Ciotti and Danielle Danzuso are the owners and founders of Pittsburgh’s newest venture, Pear Cares. The concept is pretty simple: If you have been out and had too much to drink, they will pick you and your car and take you home. It’s $15 upfront with an additional $1.50/mile and a $7 surcharge if you live outside Allegheny County. All you have to do is call earlier in the night, or make reservations on-line, and they will come get you.

Childhood friends Mike Conley, Danielle Danzuso & Tony Ciotti: The trio has now formed a different kind of bond. One that is getting people home safely.

The concept is not new. Mike tells me he first thought about it when he was in another city and at the urinal. While taking care of business, he looked up and saw an advertisement on the wall for a similar service ( see, bathroom advertising really works! ). The trio started the service in October and now make 7-15 runs on an average night. Most of their cleints:  Not so much the bar-hopping 20-somethings but people in their 40’s and 50’s.

To get in touch with Pear Transportation ( “Pear Cares” ), you can call their office at 724-249-3855 or you can go to their website:  Be safe and Happy Holidays.

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