Meal Game Plan for Men

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

That adage is true … in both a positive and negative way.  Sure, you can get to a man’s soft side through his taste buds but you can also find a fast track to heart disease if that man is gobbling up the wrong things.

I’m a guy who loves fried chicken, ribs, steak and all sorts of other things can do damage if eaten in the wrong amounts or not balanced with the right things. Since I started running, I have tried to be more aware of what I eat. Perhaps my downfall is sushi … with too much soy sauce. But I also find I eat too little or at the wrong times. Probably explains why I have peaked ( or reached a plateau  ) when it comes to weight loss.

My story Wednesday at 5 brought me face-to-face with Leslie Bonci. She’s the director of sports nutrition at UPMC and nutrition consultant to the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. She just finished her third book on nutrition, “Sport Nutrition for Coaches”.  She has run marathons and travels the country preaching the gospel of good nutrition. She told me that men often face obstacles when it comes to nutrition. For example, unlike women, if it doesn’t taste good we won’t eat it. Also, we are not into smaller portions. We want size as well as taste.

Smart snacks for men: Pistachios, Popcorn and Veggies with Bean Dip

Bonci’s advice: put together a day long eating plan based on taste and substance:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, cereal, peanut butter or a banana. These are all things that start your day and give you energy as well as stick to your ribs.

Lunch:  Turkey chili, or turkey meatball. Once again, its tasty and sizable .. and Bonci says soups are very appealing this time of year just from the warm-up factor.

Snacks: Pistachios, popcorn and vegetables with bean dip. Bonci especially likes pistachios because they must work to take the shell off and eat. In her words “shelling” foods means you won’t be “shoveling” them down your throat and eating more.

Dinner: Stir Fry. Its a sizable meal with the option of adding more vegetables or other things to enhance the meal.

Seems like a lot of food … and it might be … but the substance and types of food ensures men will be able to lose weight, prevent heart disease and give yourself energy. And as a bonus, men won’t feel like they are missing out on a good-sized meal.

Now, if I could only fit this plan into my 3pm to 11pm work life.

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