Fighting for Air

So you think you are in good shape?

I would like you to come down to the Gulf  Tower downtown this Saturday morning for a challenge like no other. Formerly “Climb Pittsburgh”, it’s the fourth edition of  “Climb For Air”. It’s a robust run up 38 flights of steps at the Gulf Tower.

Sure, there is a race component but there is also the individual challenge of seeing how quickly you can scale the steps. It’s not easy because you quickly discover the higher you ascend, the less oxygen there is … and that’s the whole point of the event.

Taking a photo with last year’s top fundraising team on the 38th and top floor of the Gulf Tower.

You begin to understand how important healthy lungs are when you work your way up 38 flights of stairs … or the equivalent of one mile. Now this should not take you a long time to accomplish. Most people get it done in 20 minutes. You can not only do it yourself, but you can also put together a team …. and raise additional funds for the American Lung Association.

This will be my fourth year serving as emcee and making the climb. However, last year I decided to make the challenge a little bit more challenging. The Pittsburgh firefighters also took part in the climb and asked me if I would join them … equipment and all … in making the climb. Silly me, I said yes!

50 pounds of equipment can make 38 floors feel more like 76 floors. There were plenty of times I wanted to quit, but the firefighters behind me were both encouraging and reminded me that this a scenario they could face on any day during their job. Well, that’s all I needed to hear … and finished in about 20 minutes … and three pounds lighter!

So come join me and some friends as we help the lung association … and challenge ourselves. Here’s a link to sign-up … and believe me … once you are done scaling the steps, the day is all downhill from there.

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