Up In the Air

On Channel 4 Action News at 5pm Thursday, I presented a story on new FAA proposals designed to keep people safe in the air while riding medical transport helicopters. Part of the story was the features and safety measures utilized by West Mifflin-based Stat Medevac. Here’s the link to the story and video on our website.

While I was witnessing these safety features, I was also captivated by flying through the air and taking pictures with my cell phone came from on-board the Stat Medevac helicopter. Below are some shots of the city from an angle which I had never seen. Thanks to pilots Tim Daschbach and George Cavalier as well as Tim Lhote and Dan Nakles from Stat Medevac for hosting us … and allowing me to experience the city in a whole new way.

The old and new arenas.

Heinz Field from high above the playing surface.

I think you get “The Point”. Thanks again to Stat Medevac for the great view and the cool ride.

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