Getting Involved

Its easily the best part of my job … and often, the most interesting. That’s making appearance at public events and getting involved. Volunteerism is something we all should do, but in this job it becomes even more important.

From serving as emcee, to signing autographs, to volunteering your time, anything that you can do gives you a chance to interract with viewers and potential viewers as well. Its a chance to find out what is important to them. What they enjoy about our newscast and what they don’t.

This particular weekend was a busy one for me personally. It began at the Healthy 4 Life Expo at the convention center downtown. Iw as there from 9-10:30am and had a chance to talk to all sorts of people. Families and couples from around the region to as far away as Akron, Ohio. Once of the nice things about such an event is that it’s a chance for them to talk to you and carry on a conversation instead of the usually one-way discussion that happens when people often watch TV.

That night, Animal Friends held its annual black tie & tails event at the Circuit Center on the city’s Southside. What makes this event so special is that even the dogs and bunnies up for adoption are dressed to impress. I served as auction emcee and was truly moved by how generous the patrons in attendance are. These are people who truly care about the animals and are willing to spend money to make sure Animal Friends remains a place where abandoned and abused animals can find love and find homes.

A group photo with my new friends: The first graders a Greenock Elementary School

Sunday night, I was asked to once again take part in the Shop to Stop Domestic Violence. This annual event at the Galleria in Mount Lebanon raises funds for the Womens Center and Shelter as well as awareness of domestic violence. It’s easy for people in attendance to raise funds. All they do is shop and all the stores offer discounts on their merchandise with the money going to WC&S. Turned out I was the only male model in the group … as this event tends to bring in a mostly female audience. Then again, maybe seeing me in some of the finest mens’ threads might have inspired some wives to get something for their husbands sitting at home.

Finally, my weekend ended Monday morning at Greenock Elementary in the Elizabeth Forward school district. It was celebrity reader day and I had the honor of reading to about 25 6-and-7 year olds this morning. The book: “Harry th Dirty Dog”. The group: All sporting their black and gold in advance of tonight’s game although the kids were stumped when I asked them who the Steelers were playing. Then again, one young girl left me search for words when she whispered in my ear: ” I thought you were the President”.

Kids say the craziest things.

Suffice to say, it’s a lot of fun for me to get involved in my community. Frankly, it’s a selfish feeling. You always feel great once your done doing anything whether its speaking, serving as emcee or volunteering in away way. It’s OK to have that selfish feeling as long as it gets you involved.

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