Jackie’s New Adventure

Jackie Evancho has become a star in a very short period of time. Today, she and the rest of the nation will find out if that star power can turn into money. The 10-year-old’s newest CD “O Holy Night” hits stores across the country. According to her father mIke, pre-sales have already exceeded expectations. Even Jackie, who I spoke with by phone last night in New York, says she is extremely excited to see how many CDs are sold on this first day.

I’ve been on the “Jackie Evancho” beat since I first met this young girl as a 9-year-old performing at the Variety Childrens Charity gala at the William Penn Hotel ballroom last November. A little more than a year ago, I introduced this singer to a crowd of about 250 in the ballroom. Like everyone in that room, my jaw hit the floor when I heard her sing. I was dumbfounded. How in the world could such a mature voice come from a such a young person?

Jackie Evancho’s newest CD – “O Holy Night” hits stores nationwide Tuesday.

She has been turning heads and shocking doubters ever since. Last night, she told me there were people in the audience for her performance on ABC’s “The View” that doubted she could sing. They were quickly reformed when she broke out in song.

Now she tells me she is excited about her next big public appearances. At the end of this month, she will be part of an all-star cast that will take part in the lighting of the tree in Rockerfeller Center. Jackie will join Susan Boyle, Sheryl Crow and Josh Groban for the event. Then, on December 9th, she will experience the highlight for any performer. As the President and the first family lights the national tree in DC, Jackie will provide the music.

Its heady stuff for someone so young, but when I speak with her she strikes the perfect tone of excitement and cautious maturity. She is truly an amazing young individual and I’m sure she will be doing even greater things in the years to come. I know I will be following her progress …. as both a fan and as a friend.

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