Shhhh! Max Is Making A Difference

Before I start blogging, let me  tell you this will be my 666th post. But the subject is nothing but heavenly.

Shhhh! Max Talbot is making a difference,.

The popular Penguin who has a habit of quieting the opposing crowd, had everyone cheering Thursday night at Bossa Nova nightclub in the Cultural District. Talbot hosted the inaugural fundraiser for his non-profit, the Max Talbot foundation.

The goal is simply to raise funds for children in orphanages in Haiti. Max, Mike Rupp and former Pirate Sean Casey made the trek to Haiti to see the poverty and devastation first-hand. For Max, this was more than just an appearance for appearance sake, it was a mission with meaning.

Max Talbot bringing his love of hockey to the children of Haiti this summer.

I sat down with Max for an interview during the benefit. Still sporting stitches above his eye from an on-ice incident, the sharply dressed skater talked passionately about wanting to give back to the city he believes has given him so much. Talbot truly believes that athletes have a responsibility to give back. That means doing more than just showing up and signing a few autographs.

For Max, that meant working with people to start a foundation and working with people to raise money. That means asking people directly for funds. It also means supporting fellow athletes in their charitable endeavors. For Max, that means a working relationship with Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch. When Charlie needs auction items for his events,  he contacts Max and when Max needs stuff, he calls Charlie.

What struck me in talking with Max is his passion for Pittsburgh and its people. Sure, he has the means to do it but very few people are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Max has.

That’s something worth shouting about.

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