Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Quick! How many of us really know our neighbors. If we are honest about it, few of us really get to know our neighbors intimately. Sure, say hello and have friendly conversations. Maybe our kids play together. Perhaps we share yard work along the borders of our properties.

However, I have never seen neighbors like the ones  I met today. Sarah Phillips and Richard McCord have lived next door to each other in Penn Hills for five years. It began with Richard, in addition to being married and raising a budding football player, taking time to do small things around Sarah’s house. Small things like cutting the grass and doing things for Sarah without her asking. Perhaps nothing was more generous that shoveling her out from “snowmageddon” last February.

Sarah,w ho deals with physical issues, is not without the ability to give back. Sometimes its as simple as offering Richard a cup of coffee or lunch, Together, they watch out for each other and they have become fats friends. So much so, Sarah wrote Oprah about her friend that made a difference in her life. Little did she realize what that small letter would bring.

Neighbors Sarah Phillips and Richard McCord showing off the kets to their new 2012 VW cars,  a very generous gift from “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

“Oprah” invited Sarah and Richard to Chicago for a taping of the show. They thought it would be a discussion of people who made a difference. Instead, it was a front row seat to the final installment ever of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. That’s when Oprah basically gives the audience everything she loves. In this case, it was iPads, jewelry, cookware, luggage.

Even a new 2012 Volkswagon bug!

Yes, Sarah and Richard went through the experience of  a lifetime: meeting Oprah and enjoying enough gifts for the next ten Christmases. They say while they are richer materially for the experience, they are also richer in spirit and in friendship. They know now their friendship has reached a new level, but they also know that what makes this friendship so special will never change: the ability to be kind, concerned and friendly neighbors. We could also use neighbors like that.

If you haven’t, pop over and get to know your neighbor.

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