Holiday Celebrations: City and County

The hardest part about the holiday season? Finding time to get out and shop between all those holiday gathering. Seems every weekend, someone is having a holiday celebration of some sort. This Saturday, I got to sample two holiday celebrations. Very different in execution, but similar in sentiment and in spreading holiday cheer.

Saturday morning, it was off to Wilknsburg. WTAE is in Wilkinsburg and each year, the community has asked us to come and celebrate both the season …. and the pride of the community. Mayor John Thompson has played in a key role in making this more about the coming of Christmas. It’s a chance for Wilkinsburg’s youngest to shine. From the youth choir to the Wilkinsburg high school band, young people play a big part in the celebration.

The Wilknisburg  High School makes its way past the reviewing stand at the Saturday’s holiday parade

I rode along as a representative of WTAE as we made our way through the streets of the community. It was cold and there were not throngs of people in the crowd, but the message was unmistakable: Wilkinsburg is proud of where its been and where its going. It’s a community which has seen hard times and now believes brighter days are ahead.

Thanks to the parade committee for allowing me to be part of the action for a third straight year .. and a nice plaque.

That night, my travels took me to New Alexandria, Westmoreland county and the home of Dale and Darlene Lattimer. They welcome the holidays with a private get-together of well over one hundred friends and family. However, instead of hosting the festivities inside, the party was outdoors under the stars. Yes, it was cold and there were rooms to head inside and get warm.

Fireworks show over New Alexandria, Westmoreland County to ring in holiday season.

While the food and beverages were inside, the real action was outside. A giant Christmas tree lighting … and then, fireworks! Yes, a Pittsburgh favorite usually reserved for July 4th, Memorial Day and the occasional Pirate home run was the capper to this chilly evening. A 20-minute fireworks display lit up the Westmoreland county sky. It was not only spectacular, but also one of the holiday celebration I had ever witnessed. So in case you live out that way and was wondering what the explosions were, mystery solved.

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