A Home For the Holidays

How can anyone so “no” to an adorable puppy?

Sadly, thousands of people do. Each year, thousands of dogs and cats are abused and abandoned. Some left to die. Its heartbreaking and that’s what makes the work of animal friends so important. They not only nurture and care for those animals, they also work to find homes for them. However, they can’t do it alone.

This time of year, there are more animals than cages which makes it hard for them to save many. So, in order to make space to save our furry but forgotten friends, Animals Friends runs a foster care program. It’s essentially a temporary home for dogs like “Burgh” to enjoy a family. These foster families care for so many different types of animals: expectant moms, orphaned babies, those animals that need hospice and those that need special behavioral training.

Meet “Burgh”. He can be your guest this holiday season thanks to the Foster Care program at Animal Friends

Animal Friends covers all costs associated with the animals, they just need your help. They just need you to open your homes for a short time and your heart forever. You can contact Animals Friends on our website, thepittsburghchannel.com. This link will take you to their site and show you how to become a foster parent. 

It’s also a great experience if you have never had a pet and are thinking about getting one. This will allow you to experience what it’s like to have a pet in your life. Who knows, you may even keep your new friend.

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