Reading Day

Its something we all like to do at  Channel 4 Action News. We enjoy taking the time to read to children. Whether it be those of us with children, or those without, all of us like to take the time and read to our youngest residents. These children are the future and the time you spend with them can do wonders … well beyond their grade school years.

As you can see from the picture, I spent the day with the first graders at Trinity West elementary in Washington. I read two books: “The Three Snow Bears” and “Snow”. Even those these are children’s’ books, I enjoy reading them as much as they enjoy listening.

I’m the big kid amongst these first graders at Trinty West Elementary School in Washington

Maybe because it takes me back to a place in my past when I didn’t read for work or for business. I read to learn and to explore. As a child, my favorite books were the “Clifford” series. The big red dog who always found trouble captured my young imagination. I still miss reading those stories.

Thanks to all my new friends at Trinity West and thanks for the ties. I wore the pink and blue on at 6pm. I save the black and gold for a Steelers Sunday.

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