Pre-Inauguration Insights

Sorry for the late post, but hopefully this is greeting you as you arrive at the office today. I’m writing this as I head off to bed on election eve in Harrisburg. Tuesday, Pennsylvania will have its first new governor in eight years … and a new set of challenges for the top office holder in the Commonwealth.

If you have never been to Harrisburg, it’s an interesting town. The downtown and capitol areas are busy and full of energy, but if you venture off from the downtown area you find a city in flux. Not much industry or business. As the governor-elect told me, Harrisburg would be in trouble if not for it being the seat of state government.

Notice much of the media has begun to descend on Harrisburg as there is a sense of excitement and anticipation. Whether you voted for Corbett or Dan Onorato, there is little doubt that when a new governor is sworn-in, life will be better for its citizens. There’s always the hope that whatever ails a community or a commonwealth will be cured with new leadership.

However, even the governor-elect, in his only pre-inaugural interview, that sacrifices must be made by residents and lawmakers in order to get onto sound financial footing with the state’s $5B budget gap. Add to that, a governor who doesn’t plan to raise taxes to close the gap, and you have the makings of tight times for Harrisburg where things could get worse before they get better.

Big question coming into Inauguration day is how made will the weather be. The Weather Watch 4 folks tell me if you want to see tomorrow, take a look at Pittsburgh weather tonight. Yep. It’s going to be one of those days but the Corbetts want to hold this outside and I don’t think anything is going to stop them.

The other interesting note is the protest planned for the capitol area. Those who feel Marcellus Shale drilling should be curbed or banned altogether will assemble in the capitol area to protest. There will be a bus load from Pittsburgh there as well. It’s an issue on which our governor feels very strongly that it could be the savior for the state. Opponents think it could be the death of it as well.

Should be a very interesting day … and when I get a few moments … I’ll blog some more thoughts. One little inside tip: Corbett will be sworn-in on the same bible used by the founder of Pennsylvania. William Penn.

Pretty cool!

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