Cross Country Runner Stops By The Burgh

Imagine getting up every morning, knowing you are going to run 40 to 50 miles before the sun sets. Ok you can stop laughing now. This is the reality for Dean Karnazes and he embraces it.

Karnazes is an ultramarathoner who is running the equivalent of two marathons and day and consuming 10,000 calories to power his personal engine, It’s an amazing achievement and this amazing athlete is doing it while he crosses America. Leaving Disneyland in February, he is well ahead of pace to finish in New Y0rk City in May at the studios of “Regis and Kelly”.

A post-race discussion with Dean Karnazes. He’s gone 2500 miles already. Just 450 to go!

So why is he doing something many of us would consider impossible? He says he’s doing it for all the young children who sit on the couch and don’t get out.

Karnazes came to Aiken Elementary in GreenTree Wednesday to spread of the gospel of children staying fit and being active. He pointed to the childhood obesity epidemic which no one denies is harming our children. His message: a healthy lifestyle begin by putting one foot in front of the other.

That figure casting the long shadow in morning sun in GreenTree is yours truly.

So grade school kids, along with adults, joined Karnazes for a 5K around the school, It was hot but it was fun. I joined them for the 3.16 mile run. While I love to run, I’m not marathoner. Ok, I have completed one but I’m not in Dean’s class. However, I understand at this point in my life how critical it is to be active. Let’s just hope the children got the message.

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