One Goofy Morning

Our morning show tends to be a caffeine-powered, by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of program where we are never quite sure where the ad-libs will take us. This morning was a little bit goofier than usual.

While we always try to deliver serious news in a professional manner, we have enough lighter moments that can make the two-hour show laughable. It started this morning with the fact that I wasn’t quite all there and stumbled through a couple of stories. Those stumbles included telling the audience that it was “July” instead of “June”.

Then, a story about women and caffeine which suggested it was OK to drink up to four cups of coffee a day had Kelly stunned … saying she “felt good” she was only drinking one big mug a day.

We busted on Robin Roberts regarding the Pirates big win over her beloved New York Yankees, which somehow morphed into a conversation about the new TV show “Wipeout” which somehow turned into a bet between myself and Chris Cuomo about actually running the obstacle course on the program.

 Ohio U. vs Pitt: Ohio University grads Erin Kienzle and Andrew Stockey vs Pitt grads Kelly Frey and Scott Stiller

 The strangeness finally reached a peak when Kelly did a story about surgeons trying to prevent injuries and infections during surgery by using a checklist while they work. Part of that checklist, and it makes all the sense in the world, involves a checklist to make sure the operating crew has the same number of tools and items as when they started the operation.

Coming out of the story, I said that the checklist was a good idea .. and then asked “where’s the sponge?”. The innocuous comment got us laughing again and poor Erin Kienzle had to somehow transition from that to weather.

Occasionally, the brain doesn’t work as fast as the mouth from 5-7am. For the most part, we usually have them working in sync but some mornings it’s just not happening. Then again, those “moments” ate often what people remember.

By the way, the show ended in a strange way as well. Thanks to a comment from Sky 4 reporter Sam Hall, we realized that when the camera showed all four of us on the set, Erin and I were both Ohio University grads. Kelly and Scott Stiller? Graduates of the University of Pittsburgh.

OK, enough with the goofiness. Hopefully, the brain and mouth will be back in gear tomorrow morning … as well as the fingers when I type up my blog.

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