The Numbers Don’t Lie

I’m not normally a stats guy, but I am bouncing around the newsroom tonight when I heard the final statistics for the month of November. Our web guru, Tim McAteer told me the good news.

I won! In the battle of the blogs, I came out on top this month. Defending champion Michelle Wright gave up her top spot to me … as I beat her out by a little over 700 page views. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Michelle, as always, was gracious in defeat.

However, I have always considered Michelle a masterful blogger, She has such great stories to tell, is so genuine and has much better hair than I do. Given that killer combination, who wouldn’t want to hear about life in Michelle’s world. Heck, my biggest asset as a blogger is a dog who winds up getting just as many responses as I do.


Michelle Wright: My friend, co-worker, co-anchor and chief blogging competition

Still, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to click and read my blog. I never knew if anyone would want to read my writings and rantings, but you have in record-setting numbers. Thanks.

Speaking of statistics, did you see the “shocker” that came from the government today? They announced that we are “officially” in a recession,. Whew, I’m so glad they cleared that up, I mean, really, did we need a bunch of economists to tell us what we all experience every day of our lives. Usually, I only “think” I know more than our leaders. Now, I know I know more.

John Q. Public is not the only one saying “duh” to today’s announcement. My favorite quote came from a market analyst interviewed by ABC News:

I think what the economists are telling us what we already know, it’s like a weatherman telling us it’s raining outside”.

I can’t wait for them to tell us when they will “officially” know a recovery has begun.

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