Fighting an addiction

Sorry folks. I did not realize it’s been so long since my last blog entry. Thanks to everyone who responded so strongly and positively to my last blog about saying “Merry Christmas”.

Onto my latest adventures and I have to admit, while I have used this blog to discuss matters of a personal nature I have not written much about Mrs. Stockey. I don’t know if it’s because some things I prefer to keep private – like my marriage – or it’s because our marriage is so boring there is nothing to talk about. Then again, there is something worthy of comment I would like to tell you about.

My wife is addicted. Hooked on the strongest drug known to man – nicotine. She is a smoker. This has always struck me as odd since I told everyone I knew growing up that I would marry just about anyone who loved me – except a smoker. Of course, when we first met, Sharon was not a smoker. At least, I didn’t think she was. We met on a blind date in the strip in 1998 and she was a cute looking girl who was obviously intelligent and well-read. It was only months later — when she returned from Paris on vacation — that she started smoking .. again. Turns out, she had always been a smoker and tried to quit. Of course I was upset but as I said to her upon learning of her vice, “Damn! I’m in love with you now”.

Over the years, she has tried quitting but it has been a losing struggle. Despite using the patch, she often falls back into old habits. It’s hard to for her to have a drink and not smoke. When she gets stressed, a cigarette calms her nerves. While she a conscientious smoker and never smokes in the house, it still bothers me and quietly drives me crazy.

I have learned this is not a battle she can win without two things — my support and her own desire. Recently, she decided to use the latter and smoked her last pack of cigarettes. She says she knows she needs to stop but she also knows that it’s an addiction that is not easily overcome. It’s been three days — and she seems to be doing OK.

I share this story because there are many of you out there like me – spouses who watch their husbands and wives fight this uphill battle. I guess my message to you is not to give up hope and be there for the other person. I know Sharon will ultimately be successful and I plan on being there to help her through the hills and valleys. I hope you will do the same for the special person in your life.

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