It’s One of the days …

Just proof that us folks in TV news are real people too.

Ever since I woke up, I have been having one of those days. From having to chase Boobaloo ( my dog ) halfway down the street at 2am in the morning to getting less than four hours of sleep last night to realizing that I have overbooked my calendar of volunteer work this weekend ( I don’t know if I have four free hours to play a round of golf, it’s just one of those days). All this – and my favorite watch is broke and the jewelry store is telling me the company that produced the watch is going to need nine weeks to fix it.

Even at work, it’s been a bad day – although I won’t go into detail as to why. I couldn’t even pick up the local papers without getting a bit bummed out. Two of our local publications ( not named the Tribune-Review ) were less than enamored with my report on “Better Sex” last week. I have shared with you my thoughts about the critics in the past – and I guess it’s better to be talked about than not talked about.

If all this wasn’t enough — Sharon is out of town for the weekend and it’s just me and the dog.

So what do you do when a bad day is breathing down your neck? It’s Friday – and that’s a good start. While I’m not one to wash away my sorrows with a night on the town, there are some foods that help me get through the hard times. I love sushi and ribs ( although not together ). Also, a night by the couch watching my favorite flicks. If all that doesn’t work – I like to call my friends from high school. They always make me fee better. Notice I did not mention golf. I don’t play when I’m in bad mood because I find I only play worse.

Enough sunshine from me. Have a great — and positive weekend!


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