Billboard Material

It’s amazing what gets people talking in the country. Exhibit A: Witness the latest billboard above the skyline in Chicago.

It’s not the photos of the scantily-clad models that have people in a huff. It’s the message between the photos: LIFE IS SHORT .. GET A DIVORCE.

While some Chicagoans are laughing, others are really upset such a message should be out in the open for everyone to see. They say it’s hurting the institute of marriage and makes light of such a serious decision as divorce.

Me? While I don’t agree with the message, I am hardly offended that someone is putting their opinion out there for all to see. Look, not everyone should be married – and marriage is not the be all-end all society makes it out to be. But bashing the institution is not right, either.

Listen, if you are comfortable and confident in your relationship, then this message should not make a difference. If not, then maybe you need to look into this possibility.

I know what you are thinking: What sort of sexist pig would use a picture of a woman in lingerie and it only focuses on her breasts. Some sex-crazed guy at some radio station trying to score and audience?

Would you believe the source of this scandal is a female attorney looking to drum up business? It would surprise me if her message hit home — and she manages to land new clients because of a campaign that is – at the very least – original.


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