Happy Mother’s Day

A happy Mom’s day to all the mothers out there. I hope your sons and daughters are celebrating with you this weekend by taking you out for brunch or buying you a special present.

Mother’s Day is one of the special days in my life because I love my mom so much. She is a quiet woman filled with inner strength and as the years have gone on, I think we have gotten much closer.

Each year, my mom and dad make the trek out to Pittsburgh from Chicago to join me at the Race for the cure. It’s become an annual event for our family. It’s a chance to be together, to celebrate life and help in the fight against one of the world’s most insidious diseases – breast cancer.

Already 36 thousand are signed up for the race – and there’s room for more as we try to break the all-time record of 38-thousand plus. If you have never been, I invite you to come. It’s an incredible way to spend the holiday with your mom or in memory of your mother.

Back to mom – and there is some video I want you to see. In 1999 ( eight years ago ) a few of our anchors sat down and talked about their mothers. It’s amazing not only to hear their stories, but also see how different some of our hairstyles look after eight years ( although everybody says I look the same). Here’s the link to that video — and please enjoy:


Have a happy mother’s day — and to my mom — I’ll see you at the airport Friday!


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