Blogging Milestone: The Century Mark

Welcome to my milestone blogging — On the eve of turning 39, my blog has turned 100. This is my 100th entry.

When I was asked to do this about 10 months ago, I never thought I would find enough topics to fill up 10 blogs, let alone 100. But somehow, I have been able to find subjects and thoughts worth writing about. Recently, I have been able to do it almost daily and even more impressive, you have written me back with your thoughts.

Among the highlights and lowlights of my 100 blogs:
* My many discussions that have taken you behind the scenes and giving you the insights on the adventures of the morning show crew.
* Introducing you to my dog, Boobaloo.
* Correctly predicting Mike Tomlin would be hired as Steelers coach.
* My top ten lists
* The saga of the broken coffee pot
* My trip back to my 20th high school reunion
* The ex-girlfriend files
* My rants ranging from political correctness to adults gone wild to Don Imus

But the biggest highlight for me — has been you. All of you. Taking time to write me and tell me what you love, what you like and what you hate. Thanks. Because of your replies, I am inspired to write every day. I can only hope the pittsburgh channel allows me to continue into the future.

I did not want to wait until blog #101 to tell you about a unique event and a special group of people. Last night, I was the guest speaker and celebrity golfer at the Autism Speaks golf event at St. Clair Country Club.

It’s an event created by two families — the Zotters and the Fitzsimmons — and inspired by their children who suffer from Autism. They turned their love into a charitable walk seven years ago and into a golf tournament five years ago — an event that raised $500,000 for autism yesterday. These are people who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference and through their efforts, they are moving all of us ever closer to a cure for autism.

It was hard not to be emotional last night, but when you see the love of a community for their children, it does more than tug at your heart strings. Kudos to everyone who came out last night to help the Zotters, the Fitzsimmons and everyone who deals daily with the challenge of autism.


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