Another Year Older .. and Maybe Another Year Wiser

Yesterday, my blog turned 100 .. and today, I turn 39.

I’m not mentioning this so that I will receive birthday wishes from everyone ( although they are appreciated ). To be honest, I rarely celebrate the moment — for two reason. First, it’s May sweeps in TV news and I can never get away to enjoy the holiday. Second, who really celebrates their 39th birthday? At this point, you party for milestone birthdays like 35, 40, 45. Still, I remember when I was a kid and would celebrate those half birthdays ( Mommy, I’m 5 and one half years old ).

Am I sad about getting one year older? No, actually I’m bumming because my 30’s are almost over. The decade where I established my career, dated only two girls and married one and bought my first house. I’ve gotten involved in my community and I still have both of my parents living. For that, I am blessed. I just hope I’m not playing “the back nine” when it comes to my life span.

For the most part, I feel great. I’m the lightest I’ve been in ten years. While I have a few gray hairs I’m still outside doing something athletic nearly every day. I still act like a kid and live for the weekends. So for the most part, being 39 really doesn’t feel like 39. Then again, what is 39 supposed to feel like? According to our youth-obsessed culture, 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40 so I guess I’m 29.

I did get a few cards — from my brother, my folks and a couple of friends and even a sweet woman who reads my blog — and all but one had a golf theme. Makes me wonder if I am a bit bit obsessive about this sport.

Here’s to turning 39 — and hopefully, the final year of my 30’s will be my best. By the way, I’m celebrating by working, going to a couple of meeting for a charitable golf tournament I’m organizing, shopping for a couple pairs of pants and playing in my golf league.

BTW, this morning I received birthday wishes from the following: Melanie Taylor, Nicole Pettalides ( our business reporter ), Robin Roberts, Kelly Frey and Dana Brown ( our show producer ). Five beautiful women said “Happy Birthday” before my wife Sharon got the chance. Such is life when you start work at 5am.


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