Cake Watch

Thanks to everyone who sent me such sweet birthday wishes. I got several e-mails from many lovely ladies out there wishing me nothing but the best on Wednesday. I got home and got a big birthday card from Sharon and Boobaloo. But the best birthday gift came this morning — from Kelly Frey.

Not knowing my birthday was yesterday, she whipped up a birthday cake for me today. If this blogging program was working, I would show you a photo of the cake — but we are having some technical problems ( you all know how that goes ).
It’s a yellow super moist cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles — and it was delicious — though it had the number “33” on the top of the cake. Kelly knows I’m 39 — but she says it’s the only numbered candles she had at home.
The cake was huge — and I had a piece and it was delicious. It was so good that I had to tell Robin during our live one-on-one with her at 6:25pm. That’s when our director, Lee Rapsky got creative. While we were talking cake on air, she took a shot from our newsroom camera of the cake — and caught someone taking a piece!

Soon – a new segment was born – “Cake Watch”. We had the image up on our monitors in the studio — and would cut back to it during our last half-hour. Kelly says just watching to see who would sneak a piece of ckae kept her going this morning. I have to admit, this has been a really cool birthday — and no doubt “Cake Watch” will be my lasting memory.

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