Thank You!

Of course, we are here to be part of the Pittsburgh community – to inform you and to help make our city a better place. But Channel 4 is also a business — and we are here to make a profit and we do that by putting together strong news programs everyday. The goal is to make quality programming so that we can get more viewers and, in turn, higher ratings.

We just finished our quarterly test of how well we are doing – the May ratings period. Thanks to you, we are Pittsburgh’s #1 morning newscast – for the 4th consecutive ratings period. The entire crew wants to say thanks!
It’s not only the faces you see on the air everyday — there are so many people working behind the scenes to make our program better. Here’s a shot from the folks working upstairs in our control room and in the studio — and thanks to our graphics artist, Alan, who took all the pictures.
One person is not in this photograph who deserves major kudos is our morning show producer Nick Matoney. Since coming on board in the last year he, along with executive producer Dana Brown, have been a major part of our success. Many of the words that come from Kelly and myself are written by Nick — who works overnight as well as Dana — and then runs the show from the control room. Good job, Nick! We could not do it without you.

Thanks once again to you for allowing us to enjoy a rare place in television – the top spot in the ratings for the mornings. We know you have many choices for news when you wake up – and we’re glad many of you have chosen us. For your friends that don’t watch us, tell them to give a try — just for one day. We promise we won’t bite.


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