Conversation Around the New Coffeemaker

Hope every had a great memorial day weekend. I had to work both Friday and Monday, but in between I managed to squeeze out quite a bit of action. Here’s the abridged version:

Friday 2pm: Golf at Diamond Run with my buddy Joe on his 40th birthday
Friday 7pm: Celebrity board breaker at board break-a-thon for cancer in Murrysville
Saturday 10am: Golf with my buddies at Birdsfoot Golf Club in Freeport
Saturday 3pm: Family gathering and cookout in West Deer
Saturday 7pm: Melanie Taylor’s family cookout and pool party in South Hills
Sunday 8am: Golf with buddies at Lone Pine Golf Club in Washington
Sunday 4pm: Cookout at home of reader of my blog in Greensboro, Greene County
I’m tired just writing about the weekend and I wish I could have one more day to recover from all the activity and all the driving.

Kelly and Melanie had Memorial day off and when they returned today, there was something new for them and the entire morning show crew. You have been asking and now we have an answer. Check out the new “Channel 4 Action News This Morning” official coffeemaker:

For those of you who like to get the specs on these sorts of things, it’s a Toastmaster automatic drip coffeemaker, model TCM14B. It comes courtesy of our morning show floor director, Matt, who finally took it upon himself to replace that beat up old coffee machine. I do appreciate it and I hope he did not spend a whole lot on it.

Of course, when compared to our old coffeemaker, it looks like space-age technology at work – but the biggest difference is when you pour. Remember, our old coffeemaker lost its spout — forcing us to pour over the sink. Now, the new coffee pot has a cool new spout and it has no coffee stains at bottom.

Whether the new coffeemaker will make us better in the morning – or throw off our game remains to be seen but I thought you all should know about the big change behind the scenes.

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