Closing Time & Cookies

This morning, Shannon Perrine was filling in for Kelly .. and she started getting nostalgic. That’s because we soon realized were anchoring the final show from our set as you have come to know it over the years. While I can’t get into details, our set will be going through some “changes” in the coming weeks with our look. I promise it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, some photos from this historic last show in that studio as you have come to know it. I guess it’s up to us to turn out the lights.

Also this weekend, Channel 4 faces Ashley DiParlo, Demetrius Ivory, Gus Rsendale and myself took part as models in the McKeesport Hospital Fashion Show — what’s become a tradition here at Channel 4. I was told during Sunday’s show at Youghiogheny Country Club that this was my 9th time walking down the catwalk — can you believe it? We’ll have some photos from the show a little bit later today on our website.

We also did something different for this year’s show – we added a couple of our interns. Kristen and Haley looked just wonderful in their evening gowns. Haley turned out to be more than just an aspiring journalist and model. She is also a wonderful cook. Just take a peek at these cookies she made for the newsroom today.

And yes, they taste as good as they look. Thanks Haley — and good luck in your endeavor to be the “next Sally Wiggin“.

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