Adventures in Real Estate

Sharon and I recommend most of our friends put our address in pencil in their address book. It’s not because we plan on leaving the area and moving, but rather because we always end up moving around Pittsburgh. Sharon and myself have had four different residences since we got married back in 2001.

We seem to like to move because our mood changes. We had a condo together in Murrysville, a home in the Mexican War streets and a townhome in the South Hills. We currently have an actual “adult” house in Washington County, but after being there for four years – we realized two things. First, the commute for me to Wilkinsburg every day is way too long. Two, since we are never home, the house belongs to our dog, Boobaloo, and he winds up spending more time there than anyone.

So we decided to put our house on the market — and scale down with hopefully a smaller home near the city. There is so much going on in Pittsburgh and – given our schedules – it would be nice to be able to get home in ten minutes. It would also be nice for me to perhaps sleep in until 3pm.

The problem here: our timing stinks. We just happen to put our house up for sale during the worst housing market in more than a decade. That’s bad enough, but we also have another slight problem: No backyard. Our deck takes up most of our lot in the back and it seems everyone wants a backyard these days. I wish I had known. For me, no backyard was actually a plus because I hate to mow.

Add on top of that the fun of having to clean up the house every time someone wants to come over and take a look and you can see what a drag trying to sell your house can be. I’m beginning to wonder if I ever want to own a home again. Maybe I’ll just rent an apartment and save myself all the pain and misery of home ownership in this day and age. I mean I actually spent what used to be Friday night party money – on mulch!

Then again – there is something about owning your own home. A sense of pride and accomplishment. I never thought when I left college I would actually a real home of my own. But here we are – 18 years after college – and what am I doing? I’m scaling down and want to live in a adult version of a college dorm room.

While I would like to get this done before the winter hits – and the waiting to sell is killing me – the good news is that it only takes one person to say “yes”. Now I could use this blog to show off my home, but that would be unethical and wrong. Plus, I’m doing everything I can to make sure people do not know it’s my house. I made the mistake at the start of this process to leave up pictures of me with my friends at channel 4 as well as my memorabilia collection. Soon people started showing up just to see my stuff.

Quick note: I will be on vacation again next week and unfortunately, my travels will limit the amount the blogging I will be able to do. I will try as best I can, but don’t be surprised if I’m not blogging daily. I will be back the following week though — bright and early with more insights from a man on his 3rd cup of coffee. Have a great weekend!

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