My Hawaiian Adventure .. Part 2

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that one of my passions in life – is golf. So how could I go to the islands and not play at least one round of golf? Sharon and I started our tour of the Hawaiian fairways when we traveled to Maui on Tuesday. We stayed at the Kaanapali resort .. and with the course just outside our window, we hit the links.

The “Kai” course at Kaanapali is one of two at the resort. Since we chose not carry our cumbersome clubs, we rented “sticks” at the resort. For Sharon, that meant using a set of men’s clubs and, for me, it was a set of Titleist irons and woods. No matter what clubs we used, the views were spectacular. Look at the view from the tee at number 9.

With rented clubs, I wasn’t expecting much from my game .. but I suprised myself. After 16 holes, I was only 7 over par .. and on pace to shoot a career low. That’s when I made the fatal mistake of looking at my scorecard .. and finished with an 86 .. tying my career best.

Two days later, Sharon had booked us a round at the scenic Wailea gold course in the southern part of Maui. This was as luxurious a course that I had ever played with stunning vistas and a birds-eye view of the ocean on nearly every hole. Just look at what was behind us on the first tee.

We got paired up with a Eric, a former college football player turned stay-at-home dad. Judging by the way he hit the golf ball, I could tell he didn’t spend every moment with his eight-year-old daughter. His company only added to a day of golf to remember … for many reasons. I may never play a more pictureque golf course. It even made my score of 100 palatible.

We we’re set to leave late Saturday night from Honolulu, but we had to be out of room by 3pm. So how do we kill six hours? Leave it to Sharon, who has the golf bug bad, to suggest another round before we depart. We found – of all places – an Arnold Palmer designed course. The Hawaii Prince Golf Club was in this residential community call ed Ewa Beach. As you can see, Sharon used the round as an excuse to wear the newest golf outfit she had purchased on vacation.
One lesson we learned while in Hawaii? There is a big difference in conditions between the morning and afternoon. By the time we teed off, the wind was howling. It would do more than just psh your ball one direction or the other. It would literally take a ball heading left and send it right at a 90-degree angle.

Still, it was a scenic and beuatiful venue .. allowing us to see Honolulu as we teed off from various holes. Once again, the view helped me get over my score … which was once again a disappointing 100. While the golf was great, boy it was expensive .. and we didn’t play the real high end courses. If you do want to play golf in Hawaii, my advice is to not only pack your clubs but also a lot of cash.

Tomorrow: The final chapter of my Hawaiian adventure .. the humorous side.

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