Under the Radar

How did this one miss the national headlines? Maybe the only reason I knew about it is because of my passion for golf .. and the fact I actually watch the Golf Channel.

Kelly Tilghman is the lead play-by-play person for the Golf Channel’s PGA telecasts. She is the first woman to hold such a position on a national level and, as a former college player at Duke, she is knowledgeable and insightful. I love watching her and former PGA player Nick Faldo each week covering the PGA tour.

However, when you are on the air for six hours unscripted , you occassionally may say something you shouldn’t. Tilghman probably crossed that line – and then some,. When Faldo commented during last Friday’s broadcast that for young players to challenge TIger, maybe they should “gang up ( on him ) for a while”. Tilghman, in an attempt to match wits Faldo added “lynch him in a back alley”.

Tilghman is friends with Woods and has aopologized to Woods who, through his agent, says the matter is now a non-issue and he did not think there was any ill intent. On Wednesday, the Golf Channel went one step further and suspended Tilghman for two weeks.

OK, here’s my question: How does Don Imus’ comments about the Rutgers womens basketball team and their appearance spark a national firestorm one year ago while the suggestion of outright violence by Tilghman become nothing more than a blip on the national radar? I think the difference here is that Imus had a history of questionable behavior while Tilghman, by all accounts, has been above reproach. In fact, several PGA players spoke glowlingly about her on Wednesday.

As for me, I guess I’m always kind of curious what sparks outrage among the American people. The “ho” comment started a national conversation while a comment about the most heinous of racial crimes is already yesterday’s news. Not offering an opinion here. Just a observation.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press


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