Just Stopped By to Drop Off the Dirty Laundry

Sorry for not telling everyone .. but as you might have guessed I was away last week. I just got back from Myrtle Beach and a week in the sun, fun and golf of  South Carolina. Sharon and myself had a wonderful time with a few other couples and friends. I would love to show you pictures but silly me, I forgot my camera. I’m working to get some pics from our friends and I’ll be happy to show them to you …. when I get back.

As I said in the title, I’m just in town long enough to drop off my dirty laundry and head back out on the road. I’m heading to Philadelphia for Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate. I’m so excited to be in the city of brotherly love for what will be the final confrontation – and that’s what it will be – between Barack and Hillary before Tuesday’s primary. Because of that, I’ll be away from the blogosphere until Friday. I would blog while I’m away but I don’t have a laptop of my own believe it or not. Guess it’s time for me to get one. If I can get to a computer in Philly, I will try and blog and up-link some photos as well.

If not, I’ll be back with you on Friday. In the meantime, thanks for being so patient and understanding. I know blogging is an on-going story and when the story isn’t being updated, the readers sometimes move on. I thank you for sticking around with me during these blogging breaks.

Talk to you on Friday .. or sooner if possible. In the meantime, here’s my dirty laundry and I’ll probably bring back more from Philadelphia.



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